back from the land of dead laptops

In what seems like an unreasonable amount of effort, I finally have a replacement for my laptop what was fried by Birdie and his intense need to pour cups of liquid on my valuables.  Let's play a little catch up for what's been happening this past week. 

First off, I'd like to thank all of those who have messaged me over time to ask if they can arrange a license to make garments from my Little Print Designs or from tutorials here on Indietutes to sell.  For all who would like to know, my current policy is for free usage of Little Print Designs and  my tutorials for individuals who make handmade clothing (I do not give permission for mass production or corporate businesses to make or sell garments made from my patterns).  I'm thrilled that small business holders are wanting to make and sell Little Print Designs and I love to contribute to the the handmade economy whatever way I can.  I only ask for design credit.  However, for those who have a need for reciprocity, I would like to suggest you pick up a sponsorship spot here on Indietutes.  That way, not only do you get to make the pattern, but you can tell others about your work.  Check out sponsorship information here.

And speaking of patterns, I have gotten set up, finally, in my new spot here and have taken the downtime from the internet to get busy on a few patterns.  I have begun a pdf version of the Fair Weather Jacket, a regular sized version of the Willow Wayfarer hipsters, and a brand new one:


I've always loved the shape and functionality of pinafores, but have managed to get a daughter who is all puffy sleeves and princess lines. Sometimes, however, she gives me a break and humors me a bit.  I will keep you all updated as the pattern progresses.  I will also be needing a name for the pinafore, so if anyone is feeling like having a bit of word fun, I am open to suggestions!

Before I told you all about our little friend M who had taken Train Boy home with her for a visit, where her big brother developed a mega-affection for.  It was big brother J's birthday this past weekend and I initially was going to make him a stuffie sea captain to go along with his other obsession and party theme, the Titanic.  The sea captain's hat, sadly, turned out to be too much of a puzzler for this busy time, so I went for something a bit more ordinary and, knowing J, more of a sure thing.

Here is Kitty, J's favorite animal to pretend.


Kitty is a modified version of the Black Apple Doll. I hope J develops some affection for her (and we can get Train Boy back without breaking a heart...)  I am aware that Kitty looks a little bit like a cheerful demon.  I don't know what to say about that except that if you are going to enjoy the handmade, sometimes a sense of humor helps.

Here is Kitty wrapped up from the party, dressed in selvage ribbons and a brown paper bag from the liquor store:


We forgot to put a tag on the gift, but J and his parents had no trouble identifying who the gift was from.  See, a sense of humor is a good thing.

Now it's finally time for some nudity.


This is our school uniform. 

Smootch has once again taken up the hand sewing. No surprise, at least for my girl, she has designed herself a crown. What was a little unusual, was it was The Man who helped her out when she needed a bit of assistance with the sewing.


Which makes three of us incredibly proud of what Smootch can do.

Hope you all had a good week.  For anyone who has sent me a message but I have failed to respond yet, please remind me - I have lost a bit of info from the laptop shower incident. 



  1. We have those same uniforms!! They wash up so nicely, don't they? :-)

    love the dress - but I'm lame with names

  2. Not so demonic....looks like Max (King of the Wild Things). I love him!

  3. Fun to learn that my daughter isn't the only child who gets to "go to school" naked :)

  4. Love the pinafor dress, but that black one with the white, is it one of smooches? if so is it your design? it looks great from what I can see, and the style looks like something I'd like to use for Christms. off to look at your shop though for inspiration and perhaps a pattern.

  5. Princess Sunshine, not my dress. It is one of Smootch's favorites, though. I'll try to get a better shot of it and see if it can be replicated :)

  6. Looking forward to the regular sized (I'm assuming non-slim) Willow Wayfarers. The Birdie Britches pattern is fantastic--really the best money I've ever spent on sewing since it comes together so quickly, looks like real pants (thank you faux-fly) and fits my chubby cloth-diapered toddler perfectly. He's 19 mos and we'll be in the biggest size soon, so I hope the new pattern comes out in the next few months!