Mr. Destruction, Halloween style

So, with my last post staring low with "I got nothing," and sliding further down hill by jeering Big Red Chicken's lack of knitting skills, you will be happy to know I now have some sewy, crafty things to talk about.  There is another doll, a pinafore, some pattern promises I may or may not keep.

But, I have another problem.  I've decided to share the sad story with you via Window's Paint pictures, partially for your entertainment but mostly for mine. 

The rest of the story is probably a bit graphic for this blog...

This laptop shower was the final straw for it, after Birdie has previously crunched in one of the corners and made it impossible to charge it without having the powercord propped up by a dvd. 

The Man is going to find us a replacment today or tomorrow, and things should be under control soon.  I seriously considering starting a tab for Birdie, considering this is just one of quite a few high ticket items he is personally responsible for the destruction of, including my glasses, twice.

Until we have a new home for my photos and such, I guess I may have to just go sew or something. Or something.

Hope you all had a good and safe Halloween and I will be back... soon...


  1. my henry does this- i am on two pairs of glasses since his birth, my third or fourth cell phone? and i'm currently using one that is mostly broken, my laptop won't charge- it must at all times be plugged in and i have to make sure the plug stays in as it sometimes wiggles out- and just yesterday he broke my cousin's less than one month old cell phone.
    my point? i can totally empathize.

  2. *sigh* more empathy here.. My children are distructive. as in broken 2 couches and 3 beds already (in about 4 1/2yrs). Not to mention the countless wires my youngest has cut when he got ahold of scissors (or the couch, or his clothing, or whatever else happened to be around..) not hugely fun :S

  3. Oh man! I feel your pain too. What is it with boys and destruction? My girls were not this way - we had SO many of their toys in almost pristine condition to hand down. None have survived the two boys. Add in the dog and it's hopeless. What is it Jeff Foxworthy says? If it ain't broke, it ain't ours.


  4. That could have been me with TroubleMaker and his sippy cup (a year or so ago)... Now whenever he has anything liquid, we all shiver with fear.

    We were lucky - we can still use an external keyboard (once it dried out). Good luck and perhaps we should collaborate on a desk that is out of the reach of little hands with cups! ;)

  5. My sons playstation currently won't function because he chewed through the controller cord....yes chewed, like a dog.

  6. I'll start by saying, I do not work for, nor do I receive any sort of credit for telling you about the following company. Because you mentioned glasses being destroyed, I have to share. has saved our family hundreds. I was skeptical at first, but I have been pleasantly surprised with 3 different orders from this company. My last order consisted of 3 pairs of glasses with perscription lenses for less than $40.

  7. OK, so I've experienced the same pain, not once, but two times. The good news is that I learned my lesson after the first water incident (the first time was BAD, and both were thanks to my little boy... why is always the boy?).

    Long story short: if you turn off the laptop and immediately remove the battery, then wait PATIENTLY for it to dry out, you may be pleasantly surprised. As long as the offending liquid wasn't a potential corrosive (soda, etc), then the machine shouldn't suffer any longterm damage.