Handmade cushions for Ikea stepping stool

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In my little kitchen, I've been making the poor childs sit on these terrible Ikea stools for years of meals.  In retaliation, the childs have done their best to dent, paint, stick and generally dirty up the stools to encourage me to get them something better.

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No such luck for them.  Our spot for our dining table remains tiny and the chairs remain functional, despite their efforts.

But, in an act of mercy, last weekend I made them a couple of cushions to tie onto their stools.

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They are made with a lightweight denim and some scraps for the patchwork.  It's just a basic foam cushion inside that I cut from a larger piece I've had among my sewing supplies forever.  The bottom has a couple of ties to secure it to the chair (can't give the childs anymore reasons to suddenly fall off their chairs during dinner) and the bottom has an overlapping flap that allows the cushion to be replaced or removed for washing.

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Square corners used the flummox me when I first started sewing.  It's gratifying to have them come together well now.  Everything is double seamed for strength.

Below is girl child, enjoying her enhanced seat (and also in her very first literary tee).

 photo 508c8d7e-f75a-447a-b868-6e34f451d0b0.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my little project.  Comments and questions welcome :)


reunion weekend

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Decoration Day at the cemetery is also our annual family reunion.  It has been as long as I can remember.  I imagine the original thought was efficiency.

You may notice the photos seem to be heavy on animals and light on actual (living) people that were presumably at this family reunion.  The reason is that animals do not shriek and throw their arms in front of their faces when you point a camera in their direction.  I am sparing you dozens of  photos of blurry hands.  Also, the animals do seem to outnumber the human beings somewhat.  (My mother seems to have become a minor god to all creatures canine or is bringing in, what girl child insisted on referring to, dogageddon.)  Not featured was also a blue heron that stopped by my grandparent's small pond that evaded my photographic capture, much to my regret.


racer back ePattern photos

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I had these two sillies model my new digital sewing pattern, the Racer Back Athletic top.  This is girl child and her best buddy from roller derby.  They are exactly one day apart in age.  To model the racer backs, I told them, 'Just do stuff,' so this is what I got.  Actually, I have about two hundred photos of two friends daring each other to do goofy things in front of the camera.  It was so much fun. 

If you notice, they are wearing the racer back athletic tops also, sizes B and C.  If you might be interested in an easy, fast and inexpensive pattern for it, please visit indieutes.etsy.com

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athletic racer back pattern

So close to being done this little athletic racer back top for tweens.  I popped a couple quick pictures to show y'all.  Below is one of my prototypes on girl child.  There is some changes for the final pattern but we both like this blue/black one.

 photo c11f9a31-7a43-43b9-809f-1c896fbfeea2.jpg

 photo ab42943b-20a5-4c7b-aba5-d86641b94c62.jpg

The pulling on the fabric from elasticized armholes is one of the things that has been altered on the pattern.  Turns out the best way to do it is the simplest.  With all the variations on this top, I'm glad it only takes me twenty minutes or so to sew one up.  Especially with girl child playing roller derby and needing a number of different colour scrimmage shirts.  Now it is faster for me to make up a racer back and paint her player numbers on (nicely, with freezer paper, of course!) than to run to the store, buy a shirt and get it printed.  And at a fraction of the cost.

Hopefully, if life stays sane the next couple of weeks, this pattern will be available for tween girl sizes by the end of the month.  Specifically, for girls with chest/bust widths of 27" to 32" or sizes 10 to 14 in US.

What do you think?