trees quilt

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Yesterday my brother in law got himself hitched, so last week I made them a quilt.  I didn't intend to start a queen sized patchwork quilt two weeks before the day but life is funny like that sometimes. 

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Apparently by the time I was done I had nothing left in me to take proper pictures... I don't think I could of chose an uglier part of my yard.  But, hey, queen sized quilt!  Not going to lie, it was a bit of a task.

There are about seventy stripes on the quilt, each one about ninety inches long.  It's over twenty seven feet around the outer edge, which is the sort of stat you keep in your mind when you are hand stitching the lining.  Each strip has a dark side and a light side.  I have some kooky idea that this represents trees in all seasons, although I leaned heavily on the autumn colours.  Trees were important, see, because bro bro and his bride met each other at the tree nursery they both worked at and because they're both pretty tall people (that last bit keeps making me laugh). 

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The wedding, by the way, was pretty fabulous, being out in the mountains in the fall.  And it was awesome getting to welcome in a new family member and see that brother in law of mine so damn happy. 

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I did not paint this doll

I did make it, though.  Fabric, stitching, and stuffing, that was all me.  I made a fleshie.

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Fleshie [fl-esh-e] NOUN : An unembellished three-dimensional art media in animal or human form to be used as a basic platform or canvas for an artist's work.

And then I handed the completed and unadorned fleshie over to my girl Kristin-the-Artist and she painted him with oils and added some wings. 


The Tooth Fairy (Who Watches You When You Sleep)

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I think he's beautiful.  It's all the gold.  You just know where he got all his gold from.

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Do you have any gold caps?

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Lookit his wings!  

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I think his red underoos are my favorite part.

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I believe The Tooth Fairy (Who Watches You When You Sleep) will be putting his application in for a local adjudicated art show in a couple of months.  I have still three more fleshies out with artists that I am eagerly looking forward to seeing again and what amazing transformation they have undergone.

In the meanwhile, supplies are limited, but I do have a couple fleshies that need some creative hands to have a go.  I believe they would also serve much of your primary voodoo needs, providing you could get your hands on some fingernails or a lock of hair of your intended... just putting that out there.  Contact me if you would like some details or want to know how to get your hands on a fleshie of your very own.


homeschool snapshot : local gallery

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Boy child's first look at art is usually from a different perspective than the artist or installer intended.  Having eyes located just four feet away from the ground helps but he also likes to have a look at the undercarriage, sides and back before asking to have his nearly seventy pound body picked up for an aerial view.  There are a quite a few assumptions built into any art show (DO NOT TOUCH, STAND BACK.)  Boy child laughs in the face of conventions.  He has a good look and knows all the angles, maybe some the artist herself didn't see.