What's in a name? giveaway

Alright all you clever people, I need your help.

I am just finishing up the many pocketed and knee patched pants pattern (yes, those of the trouser saga). I am hoping to have them out as an extremely reasonably priced ePattern pdf very soon in sizes 6 months to 24 months. Here's a little preview from the instruction illustrations:

Here is my problem. I've once again hit up upon one of my true failings: my inability to name my patterns and projects. Naming is just not my forte. My names are lame.

Can you help? Please, please suggest clever or sweet or cheeky names for the pants pattern. Tomorrow I am to do my final edit on the instructions and such. Leave a comment on this post and tomorrow morning I will pick my favorite and giveaway any pattern for free, you choice, from my shop.

Thanks for your suggestions and thanks for playing along!


Tuesday, December 8

You guys are fantastic! So many great ideas. I am going to come back to mine the comments on this post for my next pants pattern (I've got a few in mind - as I said, I actually really like to make them), and, of course, reimburse any ideas used with a free pattern.

For this pattern, however, I decided to go with vikingmom, who reminded me what these trousers are about really. I'm also thankful to Myrnie, who first said, 'britches' (she also has recently met Amy Karol, jsyk). Thanks ladies! I hope you like your patterns.

Which leave me going with Birdie Britches for this pattern. I like it.

(I know fig fighter actually said it, but he doesn't count, being The Man and all :D)

Again, thank you everyone! Reading through the comments again brings up some ideas for more pants designs. Vik, I think I'm going to have to specially create something just to go along with Prints Charming Pants.

One last note: these trousers are definitely not just for boys (though, y'all knew that). When I was testing the pattern, I actually made up a pair of pink patchwork pants because I happen to have a lot of scrap quilting fabric from a woman who used a lot of pink. I should take a picture of them. Little 6 month size patchwork trousers - I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but they are really cute :)


  1. What about ragamuffin, urchin or whippersnapper. They have a sort of Little Rascals throwback feel to me. Especially the drawings.
    Regardless good luck naming them they are adorable!

  2. Patches Pants Little Trousers.

    Okay I don't know where that came from but it popped into my head.

  3. Mom, I kneed some new pants!


  4. Hello!
    Like your blog. I will do my best to name your trousers:)

    Wear&tear trousers
    Longlasting trousers
    Patch-on Patch trousers

    That´s all from me.
    Good luck....

  5. Patchy Pants
    Rough and Tumble Trousers
    Probably not much help, eh? The pants are nice, though!

  6. little man pants?

    Good luck!


  7. Scrappy Scarecrows.

    New Knees!

    I'm a little too tired to come up with anything great.

    Best of luck!

  8. Pocket full of mischief?
    You've got to pick a pocket or two?
    Hmmmm, I'll keep thinking! Cute pants!

  9. Plenty O'Pocket Pants or Pockets a Plenty Pants

    No matter what you name them they are awesome as all your stuff is.

  10. As they are for the tiniest of tiny people how about Tny Trews or Trouserlings?

  11. Oh I SO seconde all of Crystal's suggestions, mostly Ragamuffin - what a cool pattern name that is!!!

  12. My children suggested "okey dokey" pants or trousers (I don't know if I am spelling it correctly though)

  13. "Trouser zen: when I hem I hem."

    So why not Zen Trousers or Zen Patch Pants, or some such thing?

  14. I think you should call them the "all boy pants" because let's face it, boys needs TONS of pockets to collect their treasures. For that matter you could call them "treasure collectors" too.

  15. What abot 'Tiny Trouble' pants, cause you know thats what they're always in!!!!

  16. I havve to throw something in...Plenty o' Wear. Everyone has some great ideas

  17. I meant Plenty o' mind is not functioning today! Too cold...

  18. The right trousers
    trouser saga pants
    coveted pants
    petit pocket pantaloons

  19. Baby Boy Blues (or Greens or Browns)

  20. The Patchster Pant. Somewhat awkward, but fun, to say.

    Patchy McPatch Pant.
    Rough-and-Tumble Pant.
    Tumble Trousers.
    Or just plain ol' Patch Pant.

  21. pocket pants. that's the best i can come up with!

  22. Little Pirate Pants or Little Pirate Pantalons (because all the pockets are for storing their loot... and I like the french word for pants - pantalons)

    Scooters (knee patches are perfect for those crawling scooters)

  23. When my children are little I call them my little poppets, so how about 'little poppet pocket pants'

    I agree that boys can never have too many pockets either so could also suggest 'never-too-many-pocket-pants'

  24. I second Crystal choice of Ragamuffin a cute name for cute pants. As a mum of 2 boys I have noticed that there is a dearth of cute boys patterns. I'd definately buy the pattern!

  25. I was thinking the Again and Again Pants, both for the recon potential and for the saga-ness they've been for you. Then I thought you already named them pretty well - the Long Saga Pants! In any case, they're really cute.

  26. OMG!!! they are so good, mine are gonna sound lame!

    Stash pants, Patch-taculer or hey!! how about, Stash & patch pants!

  27. Patchy Patch Pants
    Pockets Aplenty Pants
    Truly cute trousers

    I see what you mean, it is hard to come up with names!
    Good luck!
    Love your blog (and your patterns!)

  28. Please don't give them a name that describes them as "boy" pants. Girls like to be rough and tumble, too!

    How about "Patchtastic"? 'Cause they are! :)

  29. Playful Patchy Pants
    Playtime Pants

  30. Little Chaps
    (get it? a little double meaning :) )
    I have 2 little grandsons who love pockets. Great basic trousers!

  31. Whats wrong with "Birdie Boy Trousers"? Thats what I thought you called then. Everytime I've seen them in a post, you've called them something close to that name.Then it also has special meaning to you and your birdie boy.

  32. How about Tot Trousers, or Basic Bum Covers :) Your patterns are so cute, and so easy to follow.

  33. Oooh there are some really great suggestions so far. Mine is a little play on your blog name, Prints Charming Pants.

    Good luck choosing and congrats on another great pattern :)

  34. So many people thinking about naming pants! This is great!

    I suggest "Happy Pants". Happy when you're making them, happy when he (she) is wearing them. Happy to make a new pair (or two. or more.)

    Have fun choosing a name!

  35. Tiny Trousers
    Birdie Britches

    Best of luck with the name. LYMly.

  36. Patchy Pocket Pants
    Patch It Up Pants

  37. Pick'n Pack Trousers. Because I can only imagine how much stuff the boy can pick up and pack into those pockets.

  38. Well, My original idea was very similar to some of the other suggestions. Patch Pocket Pants...
    But I also came up with Birdie Boy's Brilliant Britches, and No-Trouble Tot Trousers.
    Love your Blog!

  39. I couldn't come up with a creative name to save my life, so I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring for Fig Fighter's suggestion of "Birdie Britches." Incorporates your little cutie into the name while not labeling them specifically for boys (I'd make them for my girl!). Also, I like the word britches.

  40. How about Patch-Happy Pants or Patch-'Em-Up Pants?

    I am new to your blog and love it! Thanks for posting such great stuff!

  41. Pick your pockets pants....
    They are adorable no matter what you call them!

  42. Maybe it was already mentioned but:

    Patchy Pocket Britches

    Mr. Fix-It Pants (I guess that would make them solely for boys).

    Tear It Up Trousers

  43. I think trinket trousers is a good name for them!! Good luck naming them, you've got some great names to choose from.

  44. hi
    i love you blog and have followed it for a while now, next on my to do list is the patchwork circle skirt or dress. (i have twin girls, no boys)
    i suggest the names
    (as in 'bottoms on seats', because that is what i say on all our train trips nonstop and it seams to be a recurring theme with 12-24 month-olds)

    keep up the great work for all us crafters and mums out there.

  45. i'm a charles dickens fan so i'd have to go with the oliver twist trousers. "just one more, please?" i envision a tot with eyes wide, asking to put one last treasure in the bulging pockets.

  46. I know I'm WAY late to the party, but YEA for Myrnie...and her comment made me laugh. We're twin sisters, and growing up our mother would call both of our brothers "Buster Brown" whenever they were naughty. "You get back here, Buster Brown. It's time to get in the car!"