just a bit of knit

Here I am being all negligent with the blogging this past few weeks. I'm not the only one, though. All around the blogosphere people are MIA. There is so much to do this time of year, events, parties, planning, cooking. It's particularly busy for those of us who make stuff. Some serious late night sewing and crafting sessions, just trying to have everything ready for the holiday deadline. Remember to stay safe when you are tired and operating machines with pointy bits or glueing under the influence of the holiday cheer (friends don't let friends drink and hot glue gun).

(If you can't imagine what could really go wrong combining craft supplies and sleep deprivation, or if you just need a good laugh, try reading the infamous crafty but stupid thread on craftster.)

Here I've been plugging away on a bit of sewing and a bit of writing (tutorials that is... coming soon). We've also been making solstice decorations and the obligatory paper snowflakes. Smootch has developed a bit of intensity about finger knitting.

To my great shame, I am a knitting failure. I've tried on several occasions and haven't managed to learn more than the basic knit stitch (no purls for me) nor the stamina to finish a scarf. I like the fast, efficient work of the serger and lack patience to sit and knit. I had gotten rid of all my lovely yarn and knitting needles when we left Alberta. Yet yarn, like fabric, just sort of arrives and multiplies, and now, this woman who does not knit, still has a basket of yarn hanging around.

Perfect for Smootch, I guess. What to do with 2000 meters of finger knitted strands produced by an obsessing child? I know some of you have had to deal with this issue before. We are doing our best. The decorating is helping.

And having a loosey goosey sense of fashion is good too.

I'm starting to wonder if I can machine zigzag stitch together rows of finger knit to make skirts and what nots. Hmmmm...

An unexpected side effect of this is The Man taking up finger knitting too. He is now, as I type, sitting on the couch taunting a kitty with the 15 foot long chain of he just knit. Oh, wait, he's starting to double knit... maybe he's got a good idea or two of what to do with all this stuff? At the very least, he needs to take responsibility for his own chains, yes? I think I'd best just get him some knitting needles and get him going on some socks or something useful. We could really use some and he's definitely showing some interest.

(After reading that last paragraph out loud to The Man, he just confessed that his grandpa used to knit socks and helped his mom learn too. I think we're onto something here. Yay! I love knitted socks! Must go find more yarn!)

Okay, sorry about the bit of live theatre. I hope you all have a good weekend. I can't promise a lot of action this month, blog-wise, and you guys probably aren't reading it anyway, having to do holiday partying and all, but January is always a great month for crafting. I, for one, am looking forward to the cardboard box play that always comes after the holidays :)


  1. Hope you have a fantastic holiday season. Wish i could convince my husband to knit some socks, we could use some around here too!

  2. I am picturing lots of knitted socks for 2010.

  3. That is very funny stuff! When my boys were younger, and we would drive for 15 hours to go camping, I always brought yarn and a crochet hook or two. They would either finger weave giant ropes or crochet them, while we drove. Once we got to our favorite camping spot, they had magical 'ropes' to play with. I also still have a few necklaces that they weaved for me. Great memories and fun!

  4. my three year old would love this- do you have a finger knitting tutorial?

  5. Mem, check online - they've probably got lots of tutorials. I did get Smootch to give a demo too, and I'll have that up next week sometime.