helmet hats

I have internet! It took a week and a half longer than expected, produced some bitterness with our internet and phone provider with whom communicating with was as productive as trying to sew with a hammer, but wasn't all bad as it also presented some extra time to put together a few much needed winter items and do a bit of scheming too.

First up: I'm getting many questions on the trouser pattern. I am definitely making that available in the new year in infant and toddler sizes. I've got a sweetly rough little top and vest to go along with it and I will bundle all the patterns together, plus some extra stuff too. More on that as time goes on.

And now, a bit of sewing with other people's patterns. The latest issue of Ottobre found it's way to my mail box (with no less than three address change stickers), which is funny, because I keep canceling my subscription and they keep sending it anyway. With a bill attached.

But, the issue was here and the bonnet on the front cover caught my eye. Here is Smootch with my first try (in which I completely forgot to do the second dart and blamed Ottobre for making a wonky pattern that turned out to be all my fault. Ahem.) The shell is suiting and the lining and ties are made from a recycled tee shirt.

Does it make you think racing too? I'm wishing we had a set of goggles and long scarf for her. And that she was flying a biplane, instead of a Neon.


My next go I thought I'd make it a bit smaller for Birdie, though that was probably not so wise as his head is only a 1/2" smaller than Smootch's, and he's catching up fast. I also added a brim, reasoning that it will direct some rain away from his eyes. The shell and ties are from a recycled sweater and the lining is a recycled fleece pajama top.

Birdie was initially pretty hostile to the bonnet. Which isn't surprising - I can't keep a hat on the kid for anything. But ties help, and he's grown to almost like his hat. Well, if not like, he associates it with going outside and will fetch it if he wants to go out (reminiscent of a dog presenting a leash to its master when it's time for a walk. Maybe I should be rethinking my parenting techniques?)

That hat will do for now anyway. Next time I will be looking for something with more forehead coverage. I may be tragically Canadian, but I don't think anything beats a decent toque.

Today is the day the new Fair Weather Jackets come back from the printers. You have no idea how excited I am. Mostly about justifying watching a few movies while I do endless amounts of folding and collating the patterns. I've been experiencing some nostalgic feeling for Revenge of the Nerds and Weird Science lately, most likely brought on by reading back issues of Make: magazine from our new library. I'm also excited because I get to do a giveaway here on the blog of the new pattern. So come back Friday and we'll get that going ;)


  1. LOVE the lids! They remind me of pilot's caps from the elegant 1940's.

  2. Love how they turned out, and I think I have that exact suiting.