Once again it's moving week. By sunday we should be situated on the other side of the mountain, trying to get a grip on living without a furnace or drinkable water on tap. Sounds good, hey?

Facing this latest relocation with, strangely, more furniture then I think we've ever had, combined with three weeks of rain, has created this intense desire for cookies. Yum. Sweet, fat comfort food.

I've started reading food blogs. Bless them all for sharing their recipes. And bless all the talented food photographers. I'm not one of them, having my cocoa thumb cookies look a lot like the leavings of a berry eating moose, but they do taste amazing.

While this moving stuff and setting up of the new work space is going on, I'm going to put away the sewing machines and focus on getting stuff sorted and keeping my kids from losing their minds with another big change. I'll let you know if anything crafty goes on over the next couple of weeks, of course, but blogging service will definitely be interrupted. If you miss me, you can always pop over to my family blog. I'll have some move updates there as we progress.

And I will be making cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.


  1. 'the leavings of a berry eating moose' Hahaha. Very funny.

    They look still yummy though.

    Goodluck with the moving and trying to keep it all together!

  2. We'll miss you in the blogging world. :) Good luck with the move!!!!

  3. I can't wait to hear more about your new powered-down life! Good luck with your move!

  4. I have only just found your tute blog, it's fab - thank you... come back soon :) hope the move is going well.

    I really love seeing all the keeping kids clothed cheats I have used over the years being shared around, and I didn't ever figure the happy bum t-shirt into baby trews - superb!! will be making some of those for sure!!