The sun is out for the first time in a week!

I'm sitting here listening to the sound of snow falling off my roof when I realize that I can hear it because the childs are not inside with me.  By lovely serendipity, the temperature outside has crept up above the freezing mark the same day that boy child FINALLY kicked Bowser's butt in Paper Mario thus both children failed to fight me when I tossed them outdoors.  Last I saw of them, they were heading across the road with their favorite outdoor toy, the ice chipper, to meet their friends just returning home from school.  It is, except for the thunder on the roof, humming of the washing machine, burble of the coffee pot and the meowing of my attention seeking cats, quiet.

Yes. Breathing space.

Being introverted and a homeschooler is both a perfect fit and not at all good for me.  Sure, I get to avoid the draining small talk conversations with other parents at school and teachers, but being with my kids all day, as much as love them, is draining hard work.  No, really, they exhaust me. 

 I love being alone.  My idea of a good vacation is to send my family away and then avoid all human contact for a few days.  I find it refreshing.  Or, I suppose, it would be pretty good to go somewhere where nothing is demanded of me and I know no one while I leave my family at home.  Also lovely.

An hour or two of peace right now, though, with the sun and the childs out, I'll take it.

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  1. I get it. I love my child, but I am usually pretty excited about the peace that comes with bedtime.