white rabbit v.4

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Sometimes I get a little time to play.

I'm almost finished this guy.  He just needs a little bowler hat, don't you think?  I thought it would be best to make a hat out of needled felt - something I've never done but I have a book about - but it turns out that my local mega-chain craft store doesn't carry felting supplies.  Actually, they don't seem to carry many craft/arts supplies at all, mostly pieces for Christmas villages, silk flowers, and baskets.  So glad all the locally owned craft stores where I could order my specialty supplies went out of business when mega-chain craft emporium came to town.  (In case you can't pick it up, that last bit was sarcastic.)

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White Rabbit V.4 will have to wait until I can track down some wool and a felting needle.  And a little bit longer also while longer still while I learn how to needle felt.  But then, he shall have a little bowler.

There is a few changes to the white rabbit number three pattern.  His head and body is now one piece, the arms are a bit different.  And his ears are shaped differently and posable through a couple of wires inserted up the sides.  My favorite part about this rabbit is that he seems to be sniffing, 'Oh my, I never!' to everything I say to him.

Not that I talk to my stuffed rabbit.

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  1. I'm sure you never talk to him at all. :) Lovely job.

  2. He is adorable.
    And I totally heard him say that too:)

  3. so, are you selling the pattern?? i have several kiddos in need of maybe sometimes but not always white rabbits in their upcoming easter baskets... your bunnies are ever so much cuter than the oddball monkey/frankenstein cross that i created in my first attempt. :-) If not, i can understand, but i would love to make a snugglebunny for my nixie-pixie, and love your tutes <3