corselets one and two or why you should volunteer for your local community theatre

Tonight is the final performance of girl child's Alice in Wonderland.  It just occurred to me that I never did manage to take pictures of the costumes I worked on at home.  Scrounging around, I did find pictures of corselet's two and three.  Corslet one can be found here.

 photo b6b60cca-77b4-478a-b7cd-912b8ed6ae57.jpg  photo bacc27fd-4793-4f7a-bf35-be89bfa58741.jpg

The corselets are worn by our Victorian and steampunk characters over long skirts and petticoats.  The brown one, which used to be a shower curtain, is now outlined in silver sequins. 

This has been the third play I have helped costume for this youth theatre group and I must admit, but don't tell anyone, it is tremendously gratifying to see garments that I have made and sometimes even designed, on stage, worn by amazing young actors.  It is one thing to receive compliments on something you've made worn by your child as they go about life, but then, to get those compliments about costumes provided for seventy two kids, well, you can see how the ego gratification meter can nearly burst its top.

In addition to feeling pride, working on a committee with talented people have taught me much about costuming, which is different than sewing for regular wear garments, sewing, glue gunning, improvisation, diplomacy and the many pleasures of fresh linen spray

Anyone here also have experiences with sewing as a collaborative effort?  If not, I highly recommend trying it out, at least once.  Taking your private skills out and about and working with others to be a part of something greater than what your own limitations of time and skill could do on your own can not help but be a learning experience for everyone involved.  Plus, as I mentioned earlier, increases your gratification (and ego) level exponentially.

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