my first web button

I have been wanting to figure out how to make web buttons for awhile now and I finally got a few minutes the other day to work out the html code to have a picture with link. Here it is:

The photo was just a quickie made for a free digizine spot on Craftster with photobucket editor while I was homeless (or, more homeless than I am now). The thing left to do is share it.

Now, does anyone know how to trick blogger into letting me put up just the html code so I can share it , or even place the code in the side bar? So many things I don't know...


  1. love it! very simple, hip and i'd totally click on it if i saw it somewhere.....

  2. Cute button! I can't help with the html, but I didn't know if you were aware that you have it linking to "" (missing the g in blogspot!) and it takes you to some random website...


  3. Hi,

    Go to your blogger dashboard. Choose 'layout'. Then 'add gadget'. There is an 'html/java' option. This lets you add your own html into the sidebar.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Congrats and Hooray for learning new things! I hate to be "this" person, but when I clicked on it, there is a typo in the web address & it doesn't link to your page! Just wanted to let you know.

    You're the best, and I've learned so much from reading your tutes and digressions. Thanks.

  5. ha, typo! Would it make you laugh to tell you it wasn't the first in it's creation. My old laptop keyboard just ain't what she used to be. Thanks for letting me know... am fixing now.

  6. I really like your tutorials and your spirit of generosity, so I figured I could repay you by looking into the html code question for you. :)

    I found a couple of solutions, but I think this is the easiest one:

    Copy and paste your HTML code into the top box, then copy and paste code from the second box into blogger. That should be it. I hope it works for you!