Is anyone there?

Hello! You may be wondering where I've gotten off to. My sewing has been completely derailed by the process of downsizing our household to fit into a 30 foot RV. Launch date is next week sometime and I hope to somehow get regular blogs in while we travel (I'm blogging here about the decluttering and our journeys).

I miss my sewing right now though. Yesterday I had a bit of a spaz, ranting that, 'I just want to sew something, damnit!' Am I the only one who gets this way?

My time for the last few weeks has been totally dedicated to the decluttering and preparing, and most of my creative needs have been filled vicariously through the children. Still, I try to continue learning every day. Here's a partial list of what I've learnt over the last couple of weeks, sans sewing machine:

How 'yes' gets easier to say to the children the more I practice
Giving away a truck load of fabric is much easier when it goes to a friend
I wish I was 'Roadschooled', as I hope my babes will be
Cookies taste really good with red wine
'Adult' art supplies are so much more fun for children Nothing is more inspiring than an empty room
My children actually do not play with their toys - they play with my toys
Time is much more important than things
Dreams are afforable

I thought I could do a bit of mailbag type format here on the blog while I'm going through this little project-less time. If you have questions about anything, which you also do not mind being published on this blog, I welcome them at

In the meanwhile, have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear from you. I have missed your blogging here and while I look forward to much more of you sharing your projects and knowledge, I'm happy to read whatever you share and wherever you share it!

  2. I definitely get the "I just want to sew something" bug...though usually without the strong language. *wink* I've been feeling a bit anxious lately to hurry up and get the wee one's fall wardrobe cut out. I'm not so worried about the sewing, but I'm afraid as this baby bump grows I won't be able to get down on the floor to cut out anything anymore! In the mean time, I've been knitting.

    It's good to hear from ya and I look forward to following you both here and on your other blog.

  3. Hi great to see you back, i am a new sewing addict so I have missed all of your helpful tips for newbies like me lol. I will follow your travels with interest it sounds so exciting luv sue x

  4. I thought my kids were the only ones that were completely disinterested in their own toys! Anything that does not belong in their toy box is the best thing ever to them however.
    Have a great trip!