last chance for etsy!

'Lo, there!

I'm having a terrible time uploading images with blogger the past few days, so you'll have to sit tight while I figure it out. We're T minus 3 days to launch and taking care of so many little details. I'm not really a kind of details kind of gal, but it seems we might enjoy the ability to keep in touch with our family (or order pizza) and need a phone, but no longer need our life insurance (just one fun part of not having debt) but Sybil (the RV) needs a piece to make her dashboard heater work... I won't bore you more preparing these life-on-the-road blather (I have a whole other blog for that) but I will say this:

1. I have several blog entries coming up, including a couple of questions (in which I actually answer, not just make you do the work... well, maybe you could add your two cents too, I always like to hear what you've got to say) and even a project (a low tech child locator), and another post about how bad I am at getting around to doing what needs done :D

2. I am putting my etsy shop on vacation mode tomorrow, where it will remain for at least a month, maybe two. Or three. If you've been contemplating a pattern or two, now is a good time to buy :)

So, until I fix the pics...

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