dumpster chair stage one

A crack seat beauty of a chair was left out by a dumpster.

 photo 761fe966-4cd7-4e9d-ba0c-88be09559f9b.jpg

This Michael Miller fabric happened to be close at hand.

 photo aa9810bf-244d-4ae9-88d5-e816a67e66a6.jpg

This is stage one of the upcycle. Gothic diy.

 photo 8f674893-eb98-4e60-b33e-a7f9c8a112eb.jpg

 photo 6e67e6fc-4d94-45eb-a266-98638073e721.jpg

For stage two, I want to slipcover the back with a gravestone. Or a bit of fabric cleverly made to look like a gravestone, since it is quite gravestone-y shaped, don't you think?

I'm completely stalled out on what to have printed or painted upon it.  Something inspired by a classic horror writer?  A Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker quote?  Or borrow an epitaph from a historic headstone?

What do you think?


  1. Love this chair and your ideas! I offer the following:

    Oh ponder now:
    They life lived well?
    Bend thy knees
    And sit a spell;
    Have thee a friend
    Thy tale to tell?
    Before they place
    The coffin’s nail. -or-

    Oh come and sit
    And rest thy body
    Before they lay you
    Low and shoddy. -or-

    Comfy cozy
    sit Thee here,
    before eternity
    draws Thee near. -or-

    This chair is here
    for thee to pull
    and rest upon
    before thy cull. -or-

    We welcome you
    to sit a while
    in all the tones
    of ghoulish style

    For life is swift
    like birds in flight,
    and soon will be (and soon you'll be
    as dark as night. clean out of sight.) -or-

    Sit and rest
    your weary head
    while we prepare
    thy comfy bed.

    For once you stood
    most vertically,
    soon you'll sleep,
    dear friend, eternally.

    1. Love it! At first I thought, dang, that's alotta words to print, but then I just bought a scarf from this company this past weekend and I can see how fantastic it would look.

    2. Some of them are really nice!
      My favourite is this one:
      Comfy cozy
      sit Thee here,
      before eternity
      draws Thee near.

  2. Definitely an historic headstone epitaph!