sport vs craft

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In my head, there is this mythical place in the future when all my time constraints, conflicts and responsibilities are erased, and it's must me and my creative force, working together to make super fabulous things. And I never get crafter's block, it's just all productivity, all the time. I can even see my children volunteering to do the tedious tasks like run quilt seams or stuff dolls...


But now, in the real world, there is constant, sweet conflict. My loves are split between very different activities. Sports vs. crafts. They do not mix.  My roller insurance won't cover skating while knitting. 

Since I am involved in all the aspects of roller derby, not just a player (as we all are - it's a necessarily diy sport), I'm usually officiating or running some sort of administrative side while the girl child skates.  This past weekend was the first time I actually sat in the stands and watched the girl skate.  I could of hand stitched or knitted.  But then I couldn't clap (without harm).

One day that tension will be gone.  Age, injury - it's going to get me.  And I'll miss it, since our sports life and our crafting time are both highly valued.  The pull between these opposites make that time seem that more precious.

In the meanwhile, I think I'll take those very small areas where the two might possibly converge and exploit it.  Maybe I'll make a shirt that says, 'I'd rather be hitting people', to wear while sewing.  And a scrimmage shirt that says, 'you think I'm bad now, you should see me with scissors'. 

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