potato sack

Girl child was cast as a potato sack for this session's go around with her youth theatre. So far, my only costume assignment has been to a potato sack costume. We're both trying not to take it personally.

 photo 2c82b9cb-d84b-40db-ac80-e5da948ba0a9.jpg

Obviously I left it until the last day before the deadline because I was thinking, phhhst, how hard could sewing a potato sack be?

Y'all know how this one works, right?

The sack design was all good.  Where it went sideways was, unsurprisingly, the cussin' technology.  Upper loopers make me want to put my head through the wall.

I use my serger maybe twice a year now and the general rule for sewing machines is that every week they aren't pressed into service, they require two minutes in general maintenance and tweaking to get them going again.  My hour of necessary pre-work went into threading and re-threading that upper looper.  It's a good thing that I spent an entire year working my way through every possible serger problem the first year I had my machine (including having the factory settings being completely off at first, an unsolvable issue that had me needing to re-hydrate from my lost tears nightly with a bottle of wine).  All those problems learning opportunities left me with nearly instinctual ability to re-thread the machine and, I don't mean to brag, but an almost superhuman ability to stay calm under extreme serger provocation.  My serger zen does me proud.  I list it on my CV.

Once the serger was finally subdued, the potato sack was a fairly fast job.  Of course.  Because it's a sack.

Girl child is a better person than I.  Though she was initially disappointed, she has since embraced the sack. She works it.  I'm pretty sure that I couldn't pull of potato sack as well.  Her potato sackish-ness does me proud.  Obviously she'll have to list potato sack on her CV.


  1. I've been a lurker for YEARS! I love your blog, I adore your little girl, and yes, I too would be a tad miffed had we gotten the same assignment. That said, bravo to you both for doing your best, and with such aplomb!

  2. Haha! It's still several weeks until production time - I'm sure they'll come up with some more stuff for me. Girl child will have to just polish up her sack routine.