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I was feeling a little bit wacky tonight and did some pattern shop updates.  One exciting for me is learning that Etsy would allow me to change my shop name from its featureless failure-to-commit name of Sweetshop (postpartum decisions - not to be trusted) into something that, well, may also be another dubious postpartum name decision, but one that has grown on me and you may actually recognize.

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Another good thing is that all the patterns, with one exception of the giant file of the Fair Weather Jacket sizes 5-8, are now available as instant downloads, which should make both you and me happy.

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The best part of all this is getting to review my pattern illustrations and check out how young my babies once were!

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Aw, curly little hairs and tattoos!  It's amazing how the childs change, yet don't.

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Ahem.  So, beyond my little tangent about the childs, if you do head over to Indietutes Patterns shop, feel free to ooh and ahhh at all my hard work tonight. 

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