facing the Ultimate Reality

I am a little bit devastated today.

I am grieving for a man who was a complete stranger to me yet has imparted more wisdom and grace upon me than any other.  Terry Pratchett wrote really funny books about really serious, big things.  His worldview has guided me and comforted me for the past twenty years of my life.  It's Pratchett's words that brought me to adulthood and helped me find my way through the confusion of early motherhood and the dark fears that is at the center our mortality.  He was more parent to me than my mother or father ever could be.

Today is very sad.  The world makes much less sense without you in, Sir Terry Pratchett. 


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  1. I hadn't heard yet that he had passed. It makes my heart sad. He was one of my favourite authors. Of all his characters, for some reason I've always held a special place for The Luggage.