bok (chicken in a sweater v.II)

This is not my first chicken a sweater.  But this is the first time I actually knitted a chicken sweater.  We all learn and grow.

 photo ed002d12-2412-4d6f-b247-b72325e3a15e.jpg

This grand Wyandotte hen is a gift to our egg family.  As in the people who have chickens that lay eggs that we buy and eat. Because we feel pretty good about that and like to show some appreciation.

 photo b63d0778-e48a-41df-95aa-4f10d193cf24.jpg

 photo 8da0ed59-d260-4687-84f6-7f2af6794552.jpg

The hen was sewn and stuffed, then prim'd (primed? primmed?) with coffee and baked in the oven.  Afterwards a thin whitewash of gesso was painted on, a touch of acrylic for colour, followed by pen and ink details.  Legs and wings attached with thread an buttons.  And, of course, the sweater was knitted and secured with a button.

One can take the sweater off, if one would prefer, for a bit more chicken-ly authenticity.

 photo 3164d3be-9cbe-4096-afa7-9416d6a43b56.jpg

 photo 94356af3-d374-4eda-a992-e12f48294c4b.jpg

I realize that it's hard to judge how big she is from these photos so I will just tell you that she just fits in two adult palms held together in a scoop.  She feels a bit leathery (not at all like feathers, perhaps something to think for future sweatered chickens) and smells delicious, given her coffee bath.

 photo 5ad7e048-56f4-4f35-809b-2bbe391b770d.jpg

It'll be sad to see her go but I'm sure she'll be much happier on the farm with others of her own kind.

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