racer back sports top v.1

Have I mentioned that girl child has started playing roller derby?  She had her first game a few weeks ago and is busy filling her summer with invitational jr scrimmages.

 photo 3755d170-56fb-426e-ae6b-4557071ee5f2.jpg

 photo e3209fa6-110a-44ea-bed1-d9740bbb5d9f.jpg

You know, it's funny that I have been in derby for five years and have to do more than alter tee shirts and fit jerseys for myself, but girl child apparently needs an entire wardrobe custom made for her now that she's played her first game.  Because it's difficult to find sleeveless scrimmage shirts for juniors at a cost I can afford.  Oh, and I like making stuff.

 photo d35e95a6-da53-4c8a-88b9-78c7e9782e9e.jpg

It's taken a few tries but I finally nailed down a pattern that I'm almost happy with.  Working edges with the four way stretch knit has been a whole education in itself, never mind fitting a racer back top to a child's frame.   But here is girl child in her almost ok sport top:

 photo f2fb6b6c-022b-4d67-b482-f3e1f2ead085.jpg

 photo 91df56d7-b317-440d-9d09-da6be696fcf4.jpg

I am pleased with the back.  Girl child doesn't want me to, but I think I'll flare the bottom a bit.  Ultimately these shirts have to stand up to roller derby practices and games, so all the seams need to be triple reenforced and a lot of excess fabric to grab and pull isn't desirable. 

I do very much enjoy working with the knit, though!  This particular fabric is from here, and probably is a touch too stretchy, but I have some Lycra with nylon in it to play with as well. Maybe something for me too, sometime in the future?  (I always say that, and never do, so just ignore that last sentence.)


  1. Will you be putting out a pattern? I love this style - no straps sliding down, and I can use a nice weight knit. All our store bought tank tops around here are a little to revealing for Miss G's 9 year old sense of modesty. "Aunty you can see my boobies, I'm not wearing that". Of course we were happy to hear that, but the groan came as we realized there's nothing local to buy here:(