I find that as my children get older, and are less easily contained, their creative impulses increasingly move away from home (specifically the kitchen table) towards the action side of things.  Exploring, noticing and moving is our main craft as of late.

 photo 92327279-18b8-4d7f-a634-cf3dbfdd251a.jpg

Which is excellent, except when you have a DIY blog and you are never at home making stuff.  A bit of a lack of product here.  I have a whole lot of nothing to show for some very busy days.

 photo c0b9e382-4e5c-4811-8630-ab38e74be5f5.jpg

I'm not complaining though.  I'll take this nothing over a hundred crafts.

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  1. I could totally go for your kinda busy right now! Love the photos :0)