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I started this doll five years ago.  I finished it yesterday.

My life is all process now.  With the childs, ten and six years old, their activities, homeschool, my activities and friends (oh, yes, I insist upon a life outside my home, even if I have to drag the childs with me), nothing is ever Finished.  Accomplishments are few.

Process is where it's at.  But I don't delude myself in thinking that domestic process is progress.

I try very hard to enjoy the act of doing, rather than achieving, but I fear that as an essentially lazy individual that I enjoy life most after the work is done and I can look at my finished product and think, 'thank god that's over with.'   

But, in ten years time, when the girl is in college and the boy out late nights with his friends, I will have plenty of time to create product.  Which is why I now try to keep lists of things I'd like to make because I have ideas galore that I have no time for during this age of process. 

Lists that I try to believe are in themselves a product, although, honestly, they really are process in disguise. 

Ah, one day.


  1. Well I'd say you have your priorities right!

  2. Karl Lagerfeld? :)
    As for unfinished work - my kids are almost 2 and 4 and I feel you. I, too, make lists. Of books to read, things to sew, walls to paint, things to repurpose (no, I'm NOT a hoarder, I just don't have time) ...
    Although I must admit that often when I do finish something, I feel this unpleasant void - "now what?"