A quick look at the fleshie that has come home from an artist in Edmonton. Girl child has developed a giant storyline behind this frankenkitty and wants to do some photos along with it, but she's in the middle of show week and hasn't time now. I thought I'd introduce him to the world sooner rather than later and she can do her story when she's ready.

I, personally, believe he is Chet the shaved vampire cat from Christoper Moore's novel Bite Me. So many people have recommended Christopher Moore to me and he's proved to be everything as promised.  Honestly, during Bite Me, I laughed so hard I choked.  It was when they were trying to wet vac the vampire rat mist in the loft and then... but, hey, if you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil it for you.  But go read Bite Me

And now Chet.  Chet has already had some interesting experiences, freaking out the poor lady who volunteered to do me a solid and pick up a doll from Edmonton.  Maybe she was thinking Cabbage Patch Doll?  Mwhahahaha.

 photo 9223fd12-d9db-4628-a870-39bdcc8915c7.jpg
 photo 5d233334-1193-486c-ada0-377a7c324513.jpg

Next week girl child should have more time to make some props for her frankencat story, and then he will be back...

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