bc bound fleshies

Just a couple of fleshie dolls to share with you.  These two I sent off last week to British Columbia to an artist there.  I don't know what will happen to them in her hands, but I am sure they will be spectacularly transformed.

 photo b08d2ef9-f526-4e8b-a6f9-0647aabff369.jpg

 photo c5a3bcac-70fe-4817-a2aa-e1e4bbadcfff.jpg

You've seen the light brown one before but the white one is completely new.  I just roughly attached the limbs so that they can be easily separated for painting and whatnot.

 photo a3952fd2-ae1d-4ee7-a2bf-75a0ef89b8d1.jpg

The hands are wired so they can bend and hold things.  I love the toes on this one, so adorable.

 photo 977bb107-5c72-4f0f-b022-5683ab8808d3.jpg

An in progress picture below.  Sometimes when I am on duty for girl child's performances, in the costume room, and I am not in the midst of a zipper or ripped ruffle emergency, I work on the dolls.  The children who come into the room have taken to come in to see my process.  The other day I was working on a doll similar to this one and I was just at the stage of attaching a breast when one of the girls walked in to see my cute little doll and encountered this instead:

 photo a6697075-02c9-4db9-874d-20d1612944fa.jpg

I did warn them, doll making is a bit creepy.  Now they know they should never sneak up on a doll maker because you can't un-see certain things.

One last picture, same as I posted on my Facebook page last week.  The spooning picture. 

 photo 74315693-828e-482c-8782-c829e731301c.jpg

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