Dollyshop Theatre shop open

Hello good looking people!  I have a short announcement for you today.  A couple of weirdos have decided to open up a small shop filled with strangeness and wonder, and would like to invite you over to have a look.

 photo 41586b86-92d6-4985-8fdf-ee3bb99a20fe.jpg
Fleshie with parasitical twin, ready to paint.

My buddy Kristin and I have decided to marry our fortunes together, her art and my craft, and make a little space for odd goodliness to exist.  We're still in our little feeler stage, but maybe you would like to come along and see how the adventure unfolds. 

tooth fairy photo 4b890f9e-0ce4-4feb-9895-3c45b8ef3fe0.jpg
The Tooth Fairy, who is right now almost 78% likely to appear in public at an art gallery near me soon.

That is all I have to tell you at the moment, thank you for stopping by and have a curious day.

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  1. Congratulations!
    (this tooth fairy is beautifully spooky...)