a short tour of the flowers given to my daughter

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 photo be203d7f-5ea1-4ec0-a0ec-eeb05419ba61.jpg

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After four shows within twenty four hours, girl child has a break from Tom Sawyer performances.  They even let me out the costume room for the day too.  So we are resting, feeling grateful for just breathing and all the simple goodness around us.  The photos above are of the lovely flowers girl child received from our friends who came to see one of her shows yesterday.


  1. Looks like you have a 'boob light' with the cover replaced by a bicycle wheel. It's this aesthetic, functional, or both?

  2. I do! It's step one of a chandler process... next is to rewire the lights into the kind that can dangle down and then some jars or something to put the lights into. Honestly, haven't thought too far ahead, but I really like the bicycle rim and the light is brighter and better now.

  3. I noticed the light fitting too, no idea what a boob light is but the bicycle wheel looks cool and i like the idea of lights dangling down in jam jars.

    1. You know those super common light fixtures that are flush mounted on the ceiling and they have a glass (or plastic) dome shaped shade? They look a little 'boob-esque'. It's pretty much impossible to unsee once you've seen it. Here's a link to a Google image, if you want a visual.