chicken in a sweater

The short story on this fancy little lady: I have a friend who has an affection for chickens in sweaters. Because, honestly, who does not?  I could not help but indulge. 

I also wanted to celebrate our city's recent decision to allow backyard chickens and, perhaps, sway The Man's attitude towards maybe saying yes to having a wee coop of our own.  Our city allows up to four birds, so I see a few more hens in sweaters in my future. 

This wyandotte breed hen is a pampered urban chicken, not a rescue hen, although she wears the sweater in solidarity.  She has gone to live in Montreal where, I am sure, she will have many adventures.   

 photo 7fa71e49-0d1b-427a-9f8c-3f24469e8201.jpg

Here is our lady in the flesh. 

 photo 89b4f84c-cdf6-454e-b845-7a32a335c135.jpg

Paint was my main medium here.  Each layer of paint was sanded down after it dried to create a nice, leather-like texture and, I was hoping, a bit of antiquing. 

 photo c2bc3423-af9d-4fb9-aacb-b1ce533ddc0d.jpg

 photo 5b5a397d-281c-41c6-a9a7-a72e802cabb3.jpg

And out in the backyard, enjoying the last bit of sun before the winter.

 photo cba1a157-ea96-403d-a9ec-b1b724bc900f.jpg

 photo 0d7307ce-d2a6-4779-9ac0-3b9a33977102.jpg

 photo e132a3ae-e2fd-4277-a4b2-cdf12e1a63a7.jpg

 photo 83e14495-e614-4bf0-adc2-d11af7ff9cbc.jpg

The sweater was made from a hand knitted sock made by a friend.  I loved the socks, I even once dyed my hair to match them, but the had an unfortunate run in with a pokey-outey thing along my base board and the bottom of one was horribly mangled.  It was tragic.  The tube, however, was, as you can see, still good and has found new life as a chicken sweater.  Seems a happy ending to me.

 photo 7bec061d-447f-49d9-b951-68a2beb94c04.jpg

 photo 5e066f04-d125-4e37-8385-37fa24a375e0.jpg

 photo ca0b3461-7e9e-4736-b106-799ef900b516.jpg

 photo 006b94e4-9ba6-40e1-a912-1c51d8b900a8.jpg

 photo c231ddce-0e88-40b0-bfab-b044cdb811ed.jpg

I am ridiculously proud of this lady and I'm hoping to find an artist to convince to maybe have a go at painting one or two.  I have a couple of items on my plate before I can make another chicken, including girl child's show's opening tonight, for which I am sequestered in the costume room making repairs and adjustments during the performance as needed, and a few fleshies, but then, after that, there shall be chickens.

 photo 24a53715-8b5e-4d58-bd8f-ddc405b70e3d.jpg

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I never thought to paint on the fabric. What a great idea.