working holiday

Exciting stuff!  I had to take out all the finished dolls from their suitcase foster home for a bit of fresh air and indirect sunlight...

 photo 3eaf45cc-96bf-4556-8207-010cb77e0724.jpg that I could use the suitcase to pack up my doll making supplies.   

 photo 08e89a16-3563-4e24-97e7-89f52b75aa3f.jpg

I am going to spend my days of this looong weekend in a temporary studio space, aka, my friend's spare room, doing what I like to do best (or, at least, something of my list of top ten things to do).  It's my idea of a vacation. 

Can I just mention that doll making supplies actually take up much more room than you'd think?  It's at least two loads from car to studio.  Still, excited!  This will be the first time I have separated work from family.  Do you think I'll even make it through the day before missing my kids?  What will I do without interruptions?  Without the constant, low level feeling that I should be doing something housework-y?

It'll be an interesting psychological experience if nothing else. Hopefully it will be a productive time.

Wish me luck!  I'll report back what I find from the world of outside-my-house studio space. 

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