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I hope you are out enjoying yourself on this long weekend. I am feeling rather pleased with myself lately. As I mentioned in my last post, I am borrowing a friend's spare room during the days over a five day weekend to use as a studio.  It's kind of like playing 'house', except I'm playing 'studio', like a real grown up with a place to go during the day. 

See sometimes, with my days consisting of home, kids, schoolwork, dolls, and, if I'm really lucky, going to play roller derby in the evening, it's hard to remember that I am not, actually, a kid myself.  So I'm going to put on some adult accessories, like a job and out of the home obligations, just to see if I can do it and what exactly it is that I'm missing out on. 

So now, for a limited time, every morning I arrive at nine am and get to work.  With no kids, no housework, no homeschool work, no internet, no interruptions.

(If you are worried about the childs, don't worry, The Man has got them.  He's even running them through their homeschool paces every morning.  Good timing too, girl child is learning long division and, I admit, I have a certain weakness in this area.)

Three days in and I've gotten a few projects done.  And I've discovered that I can totally lose track of time until the six hour mark when the pain in my fingers and wrist scream me awake and I have to stop.  Still, tomorrow I can't wait to try out a new doll design I've been working on... hopefully I'll get a chance to finish it before my time is up.

Just to let you know that I am making trying to replicate the experience of working (studioing), I even managed to show up for my first day a little bit hungover.  You see, it's been really hot as of late and sometimes I can't sleep.

This is the cat situation the night before my first day:

 photo 7ff4d21a-9865-4835-880d-3aba7d972ce5.jpg

What is with cats and books?  I'm sure if someone took the time to do the stats, you've find a correlation between a society's development of written language and the domestication of cats.  My kitties have never met a book they wouldn't lay on. 

And this was the wine situation:

 photo c40f2f88-529b-42fb-87de-88adeeff7dd9.jpg

So, obviously, the next morning was a bit rough.  But, I was intrepid and did not chuck the whole experiment out the window when I woke underslept and headachy.  I can adult!

Back soon with some pictures.

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  1. Only on the worst days at home do I fantasize about being an adult and joining the real world. Those days a very, very far and few- thankfully.

    Although this college on-line thing is putting a crimp in our style.

    Can't wait to see the awesomeness that you get done this week!