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I am enjoying the process of doll making more than ever.

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Every once in awhile I get a chance to work for a few hours solid, without interruptions from the children or chores.  That is when I can pay attention to the work and it is its most satisfying. 

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I can notice small details and take time to appreciate them.  I can study how my own hands have aged and are starting to look like the hands that cared for me when I was young.  That feels... right somehow.

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The work becomes a bit of play, when I can adjust details, positions, and fuss over it all.  With no one around to ask the opinion of, a little bit more of me goes into it.

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The pattern for this doll is the Miranda doll from Jan Horrox's Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls.  The arms have been modified, due to necessity more than desire.  

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It's probably the most realistic form I've made thus far.  The creepy factor, inherent in all doll making, was especially strong.

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There is another style of joints I want to try before I send Horrox's book back to the interlibrary loan people.  For those who enjoy the recommendations, I would recommend the book for the three patterns she provides.  I didn't try out any of Horrox's style techniques, the hair, face paint and clothes, but if you would like to try her style, she has all the details for you.

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I am looking for realistic figure doll patterns if anyone has a recommendation for me.  I like to try them out, see how they work and what doesn't work.  It's my doll making education.


  1. I love your dolls. They are creepy as fleshies, but there is also so much potential!

  2. I Love It! Can't wait to see it done.

  3. Have you tried the nuno patterns?

    1. I have wanted to for awhile now... hopefully I can find some time in the new year. I'd like to scale up a pattern and make a lifesize doll.