the strange beauty of jumping

Gravity is a quirky master.  Since we have failed to remove the trampoline, I still get to take bazillions of photographs to make what I consider a oddly beautiful yet creepy pictures of suspension, when inertia and gravity play their tricks. 

Here is a few from today, with our young friend over for a visit. 

 photo c17d450c-2d50-4fc6-8363-5f36c47df45c.jpg

 photo cfb368b1-0bd0-4fa2-8a61-4ebceba24f41.jpg

 photo 7b8b54df-13f6-4734-ad56-a338a393e015.jpg

 photo b6ef0932-297d-465c-a66b-1be0b6f07c76.jpg

 photo bd76adda-63aa-4e88-bd19-5b25d331fecd.jpg

 photo aa781243-9b12-49e6-b875-dc70878f9685.jpg

 photo dfd8533f-fd6a-4ea8-af51-a128ff416f7b.jpg

 photo 0011d7e7-2329-4ea8-918b-c4d4bca86476.jpg

 photo d2e38067-2bce-4956-b64d-8f9884a6b869.jpg

 photo 5b96ec55-e58f-4ed1-a160-63e35fb0c855.jpg

 photo 952d6ba4-d592-4245-b799-d25bb59efceb.jpg

 photo 689d4b40-c51e-4887-a565-63ca08d8e1be.jpg

 photo 74ec3235-1edc-4c1d-a0c0-55a671b466bd.jpg

 photo c5f7c978-3203-4395-b7a5-8c6053d24fc8.jpg

 photo 3c9d1955-130b-49ac-af4b-de2b007b4191.jpg

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  1. Fun! And yes, it is slightly odd to see that motion captured and made to stay still.