babydoll fleshie

This past week I decided to try a more traditional doll pattern from a book I found at my local library, Storybook Toys by Jill Hamor.

 photo c35d7b8f-c84a-43a9-a5cd-a6f5ac18edcf.jpg

Don't worry, I won't leave the poor doll nekkid, embellishment is coming.  Although, not necessarily by me.  Details to come sometime soon...

(I love being all mysterious.)

 photo 912dae31-7f12-4cd4-b4ab-4a33df91fdca.jpg

I did very much enjoy this Hamor's pattern and the instructions were clear enough.  I would recommend you to check out Hamor's book, if you are inclined to make dolls.

 photo fb6ffde2-064d-48c4-9416-d74d27aa501c.jpg

In the meanwhile, I have several other mysterious projects to get a move on this week.  See you again soon!


  1. My library doesn't have very many books on sewing or any other subject for that matter. All the money went into to building the building not books. I'd be interested if you post when you're finished whether you liked it or not. It looks pretty good but then I only have the cover to go by.

  2. Laura, I would recommend the book, it is well presented and having a basic sewing skill level will get you most of the dolls. The patterns are well thought out and the hair and face embroidery techniques quite useful. Though there is not a lot of variety in the dolls (what you see on the cover is what you get) is is accessible and gives you a good basic grasp of cloth doll making in this babydoll style.