cooperative drawing

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Cooperative drawing boy child and I did.  It's in a Reader's Digest Condensed Book that absolutely no one but the dump will take.  Now it's my new art journal 


  1. I went through a phase where I LOVED to craft with those books! Bought about 20 at a yard sale for pennies. They have some of the coolest pictures in them...

    Even though it can be tough to understand kid drawings, they always make me smile.

  2. I treasure every drawing my children make. In fact, I'm drowning in them because I never throw a single one away! I have a feeling The Man is going to hold an intervention soon...

  3. The kiddo and I occasionally go through our her drawings and recreate with them. A lot of times I let her collage them into books, or we just glue the pages together, 3-hole punch them, and put them into a binder. This makes it easier to store and organize them, plus I do occasionally catch her looking through them.

    We've also made a book for her Gramma out of the kiddo's art work. Gramma has been adding art work, post cards and photos to it ever since. The book was an encyclopedia of some sort, so I just pasted a photo of the kiddo on the binding, so now it says "The Encyclopedia of ..." and then their is her picture.

    Done rambling. Have a great day!