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We just had this busy and strange weekend.  We went to see two different youth musical theatre productions.  Friday night was Sweeney Todd, which if you remember, I did a little bit of costume work for.

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It was exciting to see the jabots on Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett and the corselet on Johanna. The show was amazing and super intense with live orchestra.  I was blown away and if you happen to live in my area, go see it.  I insist.  The Thursday and Friday shows still had a couple tickets left but the final show on Saturday is sold out.   

Yes, I did say that I took my nine year old to Sweeney Todd.  But that's no odder than the fact that the actors were thirteen to seventeen years old.  While the production downplayed any gore, I was still worried that girl child would find the character's intentions and acts disturbing, of course.  Raping and suiciding (attempted) and murdering and cannibalizing and all that.  But, having girl child know that it is a work of fiction, being familiar with the actors and how theatre is put together made it okay.  Plus we attended with a couple of my friends, one of whom hummed along cheerfully with every song, making it difficult to become too scared.  Have I mentioned that girl child is a bit of a gloomy child sometimes?  We came home and had meat pies for snack before bed.

Today I was reminded at how fantastic girl child's memorizing skills are and how brilliant of a sense of humour she has when she strolled past me today singing a bit of 'A Little Priest'.

We also went to see a production of Hercules by Cornerstone Youth Theatre (CYT).  Girl child has done several plays with this group but skipped this one.  Well, I made her miss it, she would of rather auditioned, but the group requires a herculean amount of parental labour and instead of being frantic at this point in time with costume work, it's nice to be able to just go and enjoy the play.  This is the first time girl child has actually seen a CYT production, usually being on the stage, so it was educational as well as entertaining.

Boy child, the theatre hater, pleasantly surprised us all by not sighing loudly, with miserable resignation, during the love scenes.  He also did not wear his industrial ear muffs, not even once, during the show but actually sat up and applauded at appropriate times.  I daresay he even enjoyed the sword play and monster slaying scenes.  Could he be warming up to musical theatre?  Perhaps if it has sufficient violence?  I hope so, because he is enrolled to do a Frozen musical theatre camp this summer. 

My poor boy, being born into this theatre loving family.

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The rest of the weekend we spent playing with friends, both the child's friends and my own.  There was feasting and mopeds.  And I even did some embroidery on a doll I've been working on since, oh, Christmas time.  Not too bad.  Maybe I can get it done before next Christmas, if I hustle?

And then we've been reveling in the psychotic weather.  It's sunny.

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I love her 'my mom says I'm cool' shirt.  It goes with everything she wears.  That is coffee in her 'Dobby is a Free Elf' mug, by the way.  Because she's cool like that.

No, it's raining.
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No, it's stupid hot sunny.

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Boy child working in his Icky, Sticky Slimy Doodle book.
No, it's hailing. 

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Really, just the usual summer-ish type weather around here.

Tomorrow is bee hive check and gardening weeding day.  Hope the weather cooperates for at least a few hours.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. I sometimes think I was born into the wrong family. I would LOVE to attend more plays and such, but we don't have much around here and I have no one to go with.

    We are feeling the same crazy weather as you. I'm starting to wonder if that might be why my migraines have kicked up to at level 7-10 for the last 3 days. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    And yeah, that shirt is awesome.