cloak, pants, cat

Girl child has asked for a cloak just like Thorn has.  Thorn is apparently some sort of character from the Bone graphic novels.  I know nothing about this Thorn person other than she wears a green cloak and then a red one later on.  Or is it a red one and then a green one later?  And when you Google her, you will get some well rendered fan art of a woman in a green (or red) cloak intimately involved with some white blobby creature.  Bless fan art.  It's why I have to use the safe search option.

Anyway.  I've made up a tester cloak from some lightweight woven fabric that The Man's grandma gave me a little while back.  I've lined the hood with some dark blue poly-cotton blend of unknown origin to give it a bit of structure.  The result is a cloak that girl child has failed to take off in two days.  Even after the neighborhood kids made fun of it.  (I've taken note of which kids insulted my cloak, said it looked like a kindergartner's tie dye experiment gone wrong they did, and they will bereft of treats in my yard this summer.)

 photo fe111385-a8ec-4a40-95fe-a5043f5d8ab5.jpg

The cloak.  The edges are just serged.  Since it is a tester I didn't want to get too carried away.  Plus more effort I put into something, the less girl cihld seems to like it.

 photo 2d8d5ff3-fc53-4890-9b94-bf0d36576dfc.jpg

 photo f2eb065f-882a-4fa8-b35c-189586192f4a.jpg

That is not an outdoor toilet in the background.  Just in case you were wondering about us in Canada.

 photo 510a5b79-0af1-457b-b744-4b40426eacf5.jpg

 photo 82875a9c-6413-40be-8a99-896fea37db11.jpg

It seems cloaks are terribly comfortable, casual summer wear.  Behold girl child hiding under the gazebo, reading Bone and eating macaroni and cheese. 

 photo da25e6be-0a1d-4439-8abf-ac70e109c3e7.jpg

Which, having at least one distracted child, also explains how I've had time to even make boy child some super jump pants.

 photo 29b44843-86fb-433b-a04a-bfb2248ff5f4.jpg

They are actually Thai fisherman style pants with an elasticized waist modification in the purple version of the cloak fabric, but in order to even get them on him I had to tell him that they'd make him jump higher on the trampoline.  I am not above such deception.  Boy child is not much of a poser so this is the only shot I have of them.

These Thai pants were a bit of an experiment, which I think turned out pretty well, considering I put in an elastic waist instead of the usual ties.  Boy child will have nothing to do with ties as of yet, but we do like the relaxed fit and geometric construction.  I'm going to make him another pair or two for the summer.  Perhaps I'll be able to get a better picture of the next one.  But I won't hold my breath.

Instead of more boy child pictures, I do have one that is evidence that he has been about.  I walked into the living room to find this little tableau on the couch.

 photo 47461c63-50ac-4b77-8e6c-383105934ee1.jpg

That is a mammoth (fake) on a cat (living) on my book (Victorian tailoring) on a tee shirt (dirty) on a blanket (handmade) on the couch (from the dump).  I happen to know that the boy had left the room at least twenty minutes before I wandered in.  The cat is a saint.


  1. My kiddo loved the Bone series and made me read it to her before she was reading on her own. It was one of the first things she read one she was reading on her own.

    Great cap! Girl child seems very happy with it indeed.

    And patient kitties make the world a better place :0)

  2. Graphic novels and comic books aren't my preferred reading but girl child and her father both enjoy them. I think we'll make a red cloak - it will be versatile... red riding hood, gryffindor, and such.

  3. The cloak is fabulous, did you use a pattern or just kind of wing it?

  4. Thanks! I made a pattern for the hood and measured out a circle for the cape bit with an offset neck opening. If that makes sense. I'm considering putting up a tutorial but I'm sure the interwebs are saturated with such things.

  5. My teen reads Bone as well! That cape is fabulous..and the pants too!
    That cat IS a saint.