Couch, cat, girl, rain, radio

It is raining.  We are hiding in the gloomy house.  Listening to Welcome to Night Vale community radio broadcasts.  If it is raining where you are, you can listen to Night Vale broadcasts here

This is the look of someone listening:

 photo ab88c493-d237-4c39-93b0-9584452477f6.jpg

 photo 47152a28-9672-4a87-b4a4-db5f977b2db8.jpg

 photo b73d20f0-188f-4dda-ad1c-522cf2165769.jpg

Hey, look, it's our new couch.  The Man and I found it at the dump last weekend.  It's in amazing condition, even if it's a bit ugly.  The blankets over the back were made years ago by The Man's aunt Carol.  

 photo 10905e65-0748-4632-bfab-b713b4a81ac8.jpg

 photo 4b79a056-0781-4d1b-92f8-00c35b912d5d.jpg

Both the couch and the blankets are popular with the smaller-than-I creatures about the place. 

 photo 10f005a8-64f5-4b42-88d8-c6de1ecda359.jpg

I'm not entirely sure what we'll listen to when we make our way through all the Night Vale broadcasts. Any suggestions for my gloomy girl?


  1. I love the chalk wall! Does it create a lot of chalk dust?

    We love to listen to audio books for this simple reason it gives us more free time for our hands to doodle and do other things.

  2. Can I just say thank you for mentioning Night Vale. I began listening and am hooked. Thanks again!

  3. Tina, what chalk you use makes a difference. If we are doing a big picture, we'll pull any furnishings away from the wall and vacuum the dust, but generally I don't worry about it. Then again, my couch is from the dump and you may want to keep in mind my lower standard of hygiene.

    Susan, it's good, hey? Last night the girl and I listened to half a dozen broadcasts before bed and we both had some pretty weird dreams.

  4. I have no suggestions for audio books, but my daughter has found another quasi suitable cartoon that i thought I would pass along, Almost Naked Animals. I hope you and your daughter enjoy just as much as I have :(

  5. Charity, as someone who only cleans when people are coming over (and we never have company), I appreciate you putting the chalk dust into perspective :0)

    Think I might have to keep the chalk wall in mind for when we no longer rent.

  6. Oh, and Emma is listening (for the second or third time) to a series called The Song of the Lioness. It's way to old for her (I really should pre-read or pre-listen to some of these stories), but she really loves it and hasn't really been bothered by the content.