tool chest for sewing supplies

I spent a good chunk of today stealing, emptying and then re-filling girl child's (former) craft caddy with my own things.  Girl child and I decided to swap - she gets my utility shelf for her things and I get her Mastercraft tool box. 

 photo 8ef92e24-d3f0-4174-8c92-a64156829ab6.jpg

I think it's going to work well for sewing supplies. 

 photo 1d6681fd-6be6-4841-8731-a248b511a517.jpg

 photo aa35ce86-f08c-45ea-9602-f0a1294b20d7.jpg

This is the monster in my living room, snugged between the couch and my sewing table. 

 photo 2d5ddf52-2a11-42c8-9949-107442807559.jpg

Another benefit will be that little fingers will be less tempted to filch my scissors if they are tucked away.  For now I'm ignoring the uglier than an armadillo's bottom and trying to think industrial chic.  Perhaps, some sort of cozy is needed, yes?


  1. Rough it up a bit - a few dents and scratches and it will fit the industrial aesthetic perfectly!

  2. I love the hardware store myself! It does the job, great idea! I know where a few of those are in the garage! Now I have to figure out where to put all his tools!