popsicle stick project rescue: shadow boxes

I have this resistance to popsicle stick crafts.  It's not so much popsicle sticks per se, as they reused from popsicles enjoyed on a hot summer day, but to a quantity of fresh popsicle sticks being sold as craft supplies.  I also disdain foam shapes, pipe cleaners and overprices bags of polished rocks and glass gems.  This is a problem I have, according to girl child, who loves all those things.  This semi-articulated protest against turning personal crafty creativity into unsustainable mass market garbage.

However, despite my objections, the childs' friend came over with a box bag of popsicle sticks.  Girl child brought out the glue gun and the three of them were off and running, constructing some popsicle stick... stuff.

The kids had fun and, after proudly presenting me with their popsicle stick constructs, they proceeded to ignore them entirely while I found a place to grudgingly display them.  And then stacked them on books.  And then moved them here and there.  And use them, unsuccessfully, to hold pocket change.  Because I never get rid of my kids' projects.  That is another problem I have.

Every once in awhile I have a good idea, though.  This may or may not qualify, but, hey, the popsicle stick things are up off my surfaces anyway.

Behold, popsicle shadow boxes. Mounted with a couple of nails that fit beautifully between the sticks.

This one was girl childs, relatively regular in appearance.

 photo f9231548-b020-4e63-b9d6-384b534e5389.jpg

Here is boy childs popsicle stick thing.  It is less regular, but I believe it to be particularly charming.

 photo d7fdc459-13b4-42dc-91fd-86fb8ef935f7.jpg

Boy child took great care in selecting a couple of small items for the shadow boxes.  He is quite keen on decorating.

As is girl child, who decided that the lamp required a stuffed butterfly in a position of repose to make this little corner between my front windows complete.

 photo 65fa87c8-cd7c-453a-9272-da1b7740443a.jpg

There we go.  A couple of popsicle sticks made useful.  Who'd of thought it?


  1. That's a sweet Zamboni I'm not sure that how you spell it

  2. I agree with you on the mass marketing of those items. Such a waste. However, I LOVE what you did with your kiddo's creations. They look really great :0) In our house, they would become home to a couple of horses...

  3. I love what you did with those!!! I, with only occasional guilt, toss out much of what my children "create". They are still very young so it is more about the creating than the finished product with them.