textures series

I love when I find surprise pictures on the camera. Today I found a few... hundred.

Here's a sample. They all go a little something like this:

 photo d2cc88a7-f2cc-4826-97fc-cf6eaaa69461.jpg
 photo 00066886-06d5-4e32-bb99-8bb789186119.jpg
 photo f882f61f-c940-4778-876c-3f996e580b09.jpg
 photo 1d967e6b-b193-449c-926b-aa0c21c84378.jpg
 photo 90e8147b-2503-4a7d-b94a-40c6ba0675a4.jpg
 photo 7b8950a5-d0b8-4a5c-b458-98abde380a4c.jpg
 photo 6733fb35-3b2d-409c-bbc9-ec81bee4354c.jpg
 photo 66bda25b-0977-4371-af41-77f56d572c9b.jpg
 photo 25e4cfab-d171-4314-8920-28df6b4676d8.jpg
 photo a1f10a88-f624-4c6d-828d-61d62c0a9894.jpg
 photo 5b20f25f-a2e2-442d-8318-4ea208c14c9b.jpg
 photo b85c5acc-ec02-4ac6-b735-38e77a01cbb9.jpg
 photo 706d0a5b-de8a-47db-9d05-e0a2348bfe1b.jpg
 photo 7378a46a-8241-431b-8481-bd335af3175f.jpg
 photo IMG_7854.jpg
 photo a0ceb6dc-c143-4eec-bcbc-90829e5c7154.jpg

When I was uploading the photos, girl child comes along and says, "Oh, you found my textures of the house series."

I have no idea when she does these things.  Sometimes, when I'm busy on the computer or making supper or reading to boy child or reading to myself, I hear her feet pattering around, her breathing intent with purpose and I know she's up to something.  I try not to pay attention because I know that what she's doing is probably something creative that will, first, bug me because it will involve cutting up my fabric or duct taping things to my walls and, second, is not probably not actually really destructive or dangerous because she's a got a good head on her shoulders.  I don't want to interrupt her flow and I believe that whatever inconveniences she creates for me for a brief moment of time is well worth it. Big picture wise. I hope.

That said, a few hundred pictures was quite a bit of camera time I completely failed to notice.  Ironic, since her pictures are all about noticing.

Again, she reminds me, first, that a little benign neglect is necessary for children to develop creatively and, second, to check that the batteries are not entirely drained before I head out to her brother's awards ceremony.


  1. I think her Textures series is wonderful. It would make a beautiful collage on a wall.

    She's a clever young photographer.

  2. Those are great textures! Makes me want to touch them.

    When I took photography in high school, that was one of our assignments. Next time you should suggest she head outside. Trees, roof tiles, and rocks have AWESOME texture.

  3. You should put them together into a little book for her...