strange panda

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Spotted this strange looking Canadian panda while walking in the bird sanctuary the other day.  Too bad girl child missed it - couldn't find her at the time.

Walking around, wishing it was just a tad warmer yet still grateful for the reluctant release winter is slowly granting us, is what girl child and I are mainly doing with our school time.  I am treasuring this time with her, her last year as a single digit person, last season as my only homeschooled child.  I'm wondering where the hell baby girl child went?  It's a sort of daily grief to have them grow up and away from you, right before your eyes.  If it wasn't so wonderful at the same time, it would kill me.   

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But, that's my angst.  Meanwhile, girl child is just wandering around in her boots, absorbed in now and plotting her takeover of my home and crafting supplies for her own nefarious purposes.  She won't know for quite a few years that the only thing more bittersweet than growing up yourself is watching your own children do the same.   

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