Joan of Arc tunic

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I am calling this girl child's Joan of Arc tunic, but girl child likes to refer to it as her princess warrior jacket.  Either way, the idea was for me to figure out how to do princess sleeves with godets (that's probably not the right term since godets are circular... somebody help me here) and give girl child a piece for her dress up collection.

Girl child has a long skirt that she pairs with this tunic in the same dark blue fabric and parades around as a princess.  When it comes time to fight - girl child believes, mainly due to modern literature, all princesses wield swords competently and fight ogres or march into battle whenever the occasion calls - the skirt is pulled off, leaving a short tunic with leggings.  The tunic has a jagged edge to suggest that the long skirt was cut away hastily to free the legs. Perfect for sword fighting.

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I think I've done what I wanted to do with the sleeves and am ready to tackle the main costume piece I need to make for girl child's theatre group, the frog prince's jacket.  Unfortunately for girl child's tunic, I wasn't very careful drafting her bodice and I wish I had taken more time because the shoulders are too long.  Oh, well, all the better to swing the sword, I suppose.

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In case you are wondering, girl child had rehearsals today and was wearing her fairy make up.  She has to do all her own make up.  One beautiful day, she'll also have to do her own hair. 

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I have a couple of prom dresses hanging in my living room, a whole lot of satin material, and some great ideas for the ugly step sisters, also characters in the play.  I'll keep you updated as the costume sewing progresses.

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  1. Such a beautiful kiddo! The top came out awesome and I like her idea that all princess should know how to wield a sword. Could come in handy in this day in age.

    Is it odd that I am excited about the ugly step-sister dresses?