Meowlody costume for party

I think I've seen a half dozen pictures on Facebook this year alone of people's children dressed up in Monster High costumes for birthday parties. 

Today was girl child's turn at her very good friend's ninth themed birthday party.  She decided she wanted to go as Meowlody, a werecat sister.  Whoever that is.  I admit a whole lot of ignorance when it comes this particular line of marketing.

After a bit of Googling, Girl child and I decided to collaborate on her party outfit.  The shirt and skirt were sort of whipped together by me during odd moments of the week from whatever fabric I happen to have laying around.  (Confession: I have an obscene amount of fabric just 'laying around'.) 

The shirt actually came together just a hour or so before the party.  Because we like to live dangerously.  I also did the ears this morning, though, I wish I had more time to do a better job.  Surely, I can do better work on the ears (although boy child has already broken the band on it so at least I won't have to see these ones anymore).

Girl child pulled the vest out her brother's drawer, found the leggings, attached earrings to the ears and stitched the ribbon onto her socks to serve as boots.  She also designed and put together the ball of yarn purse.  I think, other than the kid herself of course, that the purse is the cutest bit.

Without further ado, girl child, I mean, Meowlody, posing for the camera:

 photo 70ace903-1baf-4457-b77b-d218a7c45d71.jpg

 photo 5c79f62a-f2f8-4798-a7f0-15dc5df65ceb.jpg

 photo 669060cd-266e-4874-9b31-a016fd4d8fb6.jpg

 photo 4073056a-7e8e-438e-9845-e2e1a3f3cf74.jpg

This kid of mine may be all tween and mature and whatnot, but she is so not done with dress up.  And that makes me happy.

 photo 1095c0a8-1687-44e0-9b55-c5c7d19723fd.jpg


  1. In my opinion, the most genius thing about this outfit is the addition of ribbon to the top of the socks to make boots. That would never, in a million years, have occurred to me! I mean, the yarn bag is fantastic, but I am floored by the "faux boots." Who's idea was that??

  2. I LOVE this costume! I'm completely ignorant about monster high, like I think I might have heard about it once a long time ago. Maybe. Still, the 'boots' and the purse are epic plus your daughter is adorable. (seriously. I need a daughter to play dress up with! I have three boys...) How did she make the purse? Is it really a functional purse? I looks like just a ball of yarn but it would be amazing if it were functional for carrying things.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    The purse is a ball of string with a ribbon threaded through. I think the characters actually play with the string, though I confess a strong amount of (self imposed) ignorance about Monster High.

    But now I need to think about how to make a ball of functional ball of string purse because that would be amazing.

    The ribbon socks are all girl child's idea also. I have a picture of her sewing the ribbon onto the socks while wearing them, because she didn't want the stretch to be compromised or the ribbons ruffly looking. I should pull it out, it's quite funny.