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While I have been patiently riding out the winter by sitting quietly and doing a little needlework, the kids haven't been completely on board with the sitting idea. Or being quiet. 

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I say, Get in touch with your inner lazy cat, find a patch of sunlight and Take a Nap.

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They say, No Napping.

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Besides throwing a year's worth of egg cartons around the house, girl child has been decorating.  Decorating with paintings and recycling.

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Decorating with words (vocal and non-vocal types).

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And decorating wtih duct tape.

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That's my living room floor.  Once again, I can't help but feel blessed that I don't have nice things.  Because I wouldn't for very long anyway.

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This is a more or less accurate map of the major roads in our small city.  Good thing that girl child received her weight in duct tape for Christmas so that we could add the river in too.

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Boy child's love of novelty means that he grows bored of his toys quickly.  Every day I try to come up with a new toy for him to make and play with.  I admit, if winter goes on much longer, I may start to run out of ideas.

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Eventually, even I will force them outside to play.  Because having your yard covered in snow four feet deep is no excuse.

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  1. I love that u let ur kids be kids and allow them the freedom to create.

  2. And I thought we had a ton of egg cartons!
    Thanks for sharing some of your winter blues survival tactics!