bird - phone - girl - sleeve

Today's thoughts are a little and, with hope, delightfully random.  There is lots of exciting happenings going on with our family and our too many activities.

The first thing I'm completely pleased with is I've managed to lure in a bird we've never seen before into our backyard feeders.  I've been working hard to build up a large clientele to our feeders outside of my kitchen table window because there are few things more fun than watching the comings and goings of the birds, except for maybe watching the bezerker rage my cats build themselves into, being unable to reach any of the feathered snacks from their indoors window sill perch.

 photo 2ba15151-7a33-4b10-8d3a-b95daa8d05cf.jpg

The new guy. Handsome, isn't he? Or maybe he's a she. I don't know, I just watch, I don't judge.

The second thing I have to report is less exciting, but it amuses me nonetheless. First, thanks to everyone who helped me identify the thing. We have watched an episode or two of Adventure Time now and all I can say is, this is marketed to kids?

But here now is item number two has that entered our house since we've made the declaration to not actually bring new stuff into the house.  I found it while walking outside one day.  It was glittering in the snow.  I am a magpie.
 photo 98d2c4a9-f172-40c9-a6ee-2a8bed2de302.jpg

It is our only cell phone.  I'm almost sure we can make room for it somewhere.  If nothing else, it will go into the 'robot parts' jar that we keep for random doodads we pick up while walking that we glue up into robots every once in awhile. 

Girl child's musical theatre program is putting on a fairytale play at the beginning of March. Girl child has been offered the part of a fairy, which she was thrilled to accept. She's had to busy herself writing down and memorizing her lyrics and blocking.

 photo 1e07a190-6a96-4a30-911c-b361a1f87196.jpg

I have been voluntold with the costume committee again. The cast has over seventy kids in it and there are a bazillion princesses and princes to outfit. Pardon me if I show you too many fairy tale character outfits over the next few weeks.

 photo 67247c7d-4398-44ba-9f18-6e86d4eabb39.jpg

The first push has been to figure out how to make the striped puffed sleeves so popular with the royal set. I did some thinking about it and then got smart and Googled it, finding this tutorial by the amazing Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional, which basically confirmed my thinking. I'll share some pictures when I finish the puff sleeved jacket for intended for girl child (my little princess lab rat). It's going to be a visually spectacular play, particularly for those with leanings towards the Disney princess-esque aesthetic.

Girl child also started with another youth theatre in town (because we are nuts) and will be performing at a local arts festival in May but I heard that theatre blacks will be required which means no costume requirements.  So I'm not sure what I'll do.  I don't really have any other skills.  The same group is actually putting on Sweeny Todd though, this spring, so maybe I can help out there?  Is it odd for a youth group to perform Sweeny Todd?  Still, I bet the Victorian costuming would be amazing to have a go at.

And that's what I have for utter randomness for you.  If you know of any great prince costume making ideas, please share.  One area that I, unsurprisingly, have limited experience in is making costumes for teenage boys.  I also get to create some ugly stepsister gowns, which I did a little happy squee for.  I can't wait to get started.    


  1. that looks exactly how i did a faux slashed sleeve. i topstitched it as well to keep everything looking sharp.

  2. Lots of fun happenings! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the ugly stepsister gowns!

  3. Use should use the Merlin Bird ID app to find out what birds you are getting. My husband recently started birding and it has helped him ID several birds; although not sure how it'll work up in the wintery north (vs us in Louisiana).