window art with wax crayons

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We're going to call this a mini-tutorial.  What it is is a project that boy child can get right into because it involves:

1. Dismantling crayons
2. Tools that heat up
3. Scary monsters - if you so desire

And anything that gets the boy child involved in craft and art is exciting to me.

- wax crayons of various colours
- wax paper
- an iron you don't mind getting a bit grubby with wax
- craft scissors
- optional: permanent marker, puffee or 3D glow in the dark fabric paint

First step is to remove the paper from crayons (some of us are really good at this part).

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Use your sharpener (one with a larger hole in it will be helpful) to flake the crayons onto a sheet of wax paper.

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When you feel like you have sufficient wax piled on the paper (or your hand is tired of sharpening), cover with another sheet of wax paper.

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With heat on a low setting (mine was on 'wool'), iron over top of the wax paper to met the crayon wax.

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When the wax has cooled, you have a couple options.  One is to draw and cut out a shape.  Or you can just free form with scissors.

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What ever shape you cut, it will look absolutely brilliant when the sun shines through.

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Another option is to use some glow in the dark 3D fabric paint to trace out shapes.

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The paint can give shape and character to your wax window art.

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And still be visible at night after the sun goes down.  We made a number of monsters out of our more or less random melted wax to decorate for Halloween. 

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  1. Awesome! We did something like this a few years ago where I shaved various colors into ice cube trays (a single color per cube). My kiddo and the boy I baby sat at the time really enjoyed working with the crayons.