the case of the vanishing tutorials

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So. It's true that you really appreciate something until it's gone.  Such as years of Blogger working really well until it suddenly decides it doesn't want to store your old posts anymore.

There seems to be some problems with the pictures on my some Indietutes classic tutorials, including the peasant blouse tutorial, I'm very sorry to say.  The hooded cape has disappeared all together (thank you to the reader who sent me a link to the cached page so that I could possibly recreate it).

Now.  What to do about the increasingly unstable blogging platform here?  The Man thinks I should put it all into a more transportable and sturdy format, maybe pdfs that can be downloaded?  What do you think?  Anybody want to give me some ideas how to improve the accessibility of these tutorials?


Update: I'm a blogger ninja.  I've redone the hooded cloak tutorial for y'all and though the pictures of the pattern pieces are a bit different, they are actually improved, as are the instructions.  I've learned a bit in the past six years of writing tutorials and pattern instructions so, hey, it's all good now.

Let me know if there are any more missing pictures on posts.  I am not only a blogger ninja, I am also a Windows Paint wizard.


  1. I have no idea how to run a blog but now I realize how I found yours in the first place. It was the hooded cape, which I made in 2009 for a hallowe'en costume. I made a mini one for the dolly and BOTH are still going strong (and it still fits my daughter, now 6.5!)

    So thank you for that one, and keep up the good works.