white rabbits

 photo 62392a3d-00b6-4b50-980d-6f0652f1cb41.jpg

This is where we are at today.  Finishing white rabbits. 

 photo c9da7759-70d4-40a1-9439-7283bb941f85.jpg

On a side note, do you like my new friend on the wall?  I think he could use a jaunty bowler and a pair of aviator glasses?  Girl child has just been cast in a steampunk version of Alice in Wonderland and, as I am once again helping with costumes, there will no doubt be many hats and goggles in my near future.  I have been pining for just this situation.  A little practice for around the home wouldn't hurt.


  1. so explain to me the relevance of the button joints... do they actually allow movement? are you putting buttonholes in the appendages, or just sewing through all the layers of the joint? I would love to make our dolls a little more poseable, but am curious how you do the arm/legs and how well it works.
    LOVE the chubby bunny! He is begging for a waistcoat and pocket watch.

  2. i have a dolly with arms that need applying, pretty please tell me about your technique :-)
    (her soon to be daddy is two, and likes to remove his baby's clothes--we are potty-training-- so his waiting is hurting ;-) )