White Rabbit

A little while back, girl child made herself an Alice doll.  Today, I finished making Alice a little friend.

 photo 690f3af2-f78e-47c4-a6e2-7ca7461fd0b7.jpg

May I present the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

 photo 53fb25b0-f52a-403a-bb8f-3472262d336f.jpg
'I'm late!'
He is just ten and a half inches high and the first fully undressable doll I've made.

All dressed up:

 photo 259c6271-26d8-449e-8818-de96bbad6b4f.jpg

And then...

 photo 59bb1f18-f3c1-413e-9a51-d3d09b57079c.jpg

All dressed down: 

 photo f5789a14-1462-4b6c-a2b3-9df9c4052154.jpg

(But we'll leave his bottoms on.  This is a PG rated blog.)

The white rabbit has quite a few areas for improvement.  I was thinking of making up another one with some modifications.  But then a new white rabbit would need another Alice companion and I'm quite sure none of them feel comfortable without a couple of Mad Hatters, who would require attendant March Hares and Dormouses... could be quite the undertaking.  Or maybe I should leave well enough alone?

But probably not.

A couple more pictures, before I go, for the derbies out there:

 photo 4d473f0b-0071-49e1-b80b-32fb2e6d1774.jpg
Lead Jammer

 photo 3807e31f-e993-400a-9b5c-516484ae2611.jpg
No pack!

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