three rabbits

 photo 9439e633-6873-4be3-9aaa-69b898a21b9d.jpg

Rabbit number one, on the left, we have already talked about.  He lives quite comfortably on the bookshelf when he is not hanging out with Alice.

 photo c25f808a-89f5-417b-a205-65d1974ae19b.jpg

The middle bunny is version 2.0 of the white rabbit.  He also comes fully nekkid-able.  See him with his little pile of clothes above?  This wasn't supposed to look so much like he was just issued his kit for prison.  I assure you, he is quite dapper when he is dressed.

Here is his little shirt.

 photo 6d5fe3c7-2cfb-4290-a66d-9dd2dc5410af.jpg

Which tucks handsomely into his pants.  He is a neat bunny.

 photo b8e615cc-f41e-4e7f-8216-16c0c5079c84.jpg

His vest.  Made of felt because the few times I've tried to make a lined vest of this size in woven cloth has ended in tears and half a bottle of wine.

 photo 8638116c-7fc5-4eaf-a2ce-54b63898d0b8.jpg

I love his sneery expression.  Perhaps he is a bit of a pirate after all?  Swashbuckling rogue dressed in a fancy vest and a sneer?

 photo c9f093ef-9ce9-4136-8e8d-97e2761566fa.jpg

And finally his jacket.  Here he is commandeering Other Mother (girl child's name for my Sally Stitches dress form). 

 photo d6e8ceb6-ccb8-4942-b0a4-dbf9645e1804.jpg

(Hey, I've just learned oxy-acetylene glasses work very well for steampunk in a pinch... can't wait to get to work on girl child's steampunk Alice in Wonderland.  These, above, The Man just pulled out of his garage.)

I have plans still to provide him with shoes of some sort, but in the meantime, he'll have to deal with a barefoot bohemian look. 

Bunners number three is, unfortunately, yet to be clothed. 

 photo 4d7374cc-b83c-43e6-8345-0774bcc3fa80.jpg

Three has quite a different look to him (and, apparently, is a bit of bookworm too).  Given that his body shape doesn't encourage the wearing of trousers (nor did the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland), I was thinking that I would focus on a jacket and maybe something to keep his head covered.   Anyone ever make an aviator's helmet?

 photo a03743f8-9505-4efb-b2ec-47392a76322f.jpg

Three also stands up independently but I didn't, for whatever reason, take a picture of him standing.  Lazy bookish rabbit.

 photo 1877ee2b-95e7-4a3c-b1e1-b4d099b0789e.jpg


  1. i still say bunny number three is my favorite... maybe we bookish, lazy creatures just recognize each other ;-)

    my only issue in his adorableness is that i would love him to be a lop-eared bunny-- though his ears do seem to be the most attentive part of his anatomy, so, fit him well.

    I have been playing with girly headband/clips. Flowers, pearls, rhinestones, lace, metal trinkets... They are frequently either roaring twenties or steampunkish- which is funny only because it isn't what i think i'm doing at the time.
    Your blog and tutes encouraged me to get making (otherwise known as losing sleep) it is the only thing that is honestly mine in a world made too real by too many thankless jobs. i so appreciate all you share with us out here in internet land.
    thank you for keeping me sane, and making me laugh. you rock, charity!!

  2. Thanks Amie! I agree on the lop ears - I think that I should make him a little bean bag chair or hammock to chillax back in. The next version of this guy (I've just drafted the pattern) will have shorter, more bent arms (forelimbs?) All the better to hold a book up with.

  3. I like number 3 best too. And I think he would look nice in a knitted jumper.

    They are all wonderful characters.

  4. oh! and wire-rimmed spectacles!! he must have some... and maybe a chain to hang them from :-)

  5. I think I have some modifications to Three that would suit some accessories and modifications as the mood sees fit. It may involve some wire.

    It occurs to me that gears would work just as well as buttons at creating moveable limbs...