reality and illusion

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I found this picture of girl child in Banff from last summer.  It's in the town under the bridge over the Bow River.  I'm not sure if  I ever posted it (and I could go back and look but I'm not going to) but it is one of my favorite randoms.  The graffiti, in case you can not see it, says 'You are reality and wrapped; I am illusion in infinity'. 

It reminds me of a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

We are here for reasons beyond our comprehension.  When things do not go as we believe they should, it's nice to remember that we are both mysterious and limited.  There may or may not be someone driving this ship and if there is, it certainly isn't you or me.  So lighten up.  Laugh at the incomprehensible beauty of it all.       

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